Saturday, July 25, 2009

Workshop Update - Food Colour Dyeing with Courtney & Lisa

A fantastic new session has been added to the program for the camp.

Food Colour Dyeing with Courtney Brook and Lisa McPhee.

Courtney is the inspiring and passionate dyer behind the amazing The Inner Stitch yarns which are available at the Yarn Collective. Courtney's yarns are highly desirable and prized, if you can stalk her long enough to snag a skein during a stocking.

Lisa is the creative force behind the unique handspun yarns at Knot Your Nanna's Knits. Lisa's unique spinning style and colour selections make her handspun yarns and hand dyed fibre one of a kind

This exciting session will cost $20 (Payable on the day) this will include food colour for the session and enable you to take your leftovers home to practice some more, and 2 x 100gm skeins of yarn to learn 2 different dyeing techniques.

You will need to bring an ice cream container or another microwave safe dish to this session.

If you are interested in participating in this session could you please complete you registration form and return it as soon as possible - this session is NOT listed on the registration form but you can note your interest on the bottom of the form, And also Email your interest to by Friday the 7th of August to allow order time for materials.